Season 1 is the first season of Fan-Made Creepypasta Rap Battles. It currently has six battles, released from January 25th, 2015 to June 12th, 2015. Click here for the Season 1 polls.

Rap Battles Edit

1. Sonic.EXE vs The Observer

2. The Man in the Snow vs The Man in the Window

3. vs One Million Viewer

4. SCP-990 vs The Grey Man

5. Skyrim's Secret Vs Jvk1166z.esp

6. ImScared.exe vs Doom.exe

Cast and Guests Edit

Rappers Edit

1. The Aussie-can (1, 2, 4 (voice), 6)

2. Johann Wong (1, 2, 3 (voice), 4.5 (scrapped), 6)

3. Nicholas Krauss (2 (body))

4. Mr.Maplesyrup (3 (voice), 6)

4. Matthew Thomas (4 (voice))

5. SkeepTieel (4.5 (scrapped), 6)

6. Frenzy (6)

Cameos Edit


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